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Snowflakes 4

Winter's coming closer and the holidays are knocking on your door. We love this very special time of the year and we know that you do so too. The Snowflakes Stack helps you and your website prepare for the upcoming winter days by displaying sweet snowflakes with smooth transitions. The Stack will make your site snow from above! 

Customisation options
  • Intensity: change the strength of wind which animates the snowflakes horizontally as well. You can choose between smooth, breezy, windy, strong wind, stormy and blizzard
  • Amount: choose the amount of snowflakes that should be displayed
  • Symbol: choose between winter related Emojis or unicode characters which reflect the snowflakes (NEW feature in version 4!)
  • Font: choose between 10 different fonts for the unicode characters to best fit with your site design (NEW feature in version 4!)
  • Speed: customise the speed of the fall
  • Minimum Size: how big/small the snowflakes should be at least
  • Maximum Size: how big/small the snowflakes should be at last 
  • Colors: change the colors of the snowflakes. you can customise up to five different colors which are being picked randomly by the algorithm

Of course this Stack is also responsive and retina ready - we've also revamped the Stack's icon.

The Stack just uses simple text characters or Emojis, it doesn't even need any images which would slow your website. The Stack runs smoothly in the background of your site and won't interrupt your visitors because we didn't fill in any annoying x-mas music.

Learn more about all these awesome customisation options of the Snowflakes Stack by watching the Screencast below!

Still not convinced? Check out this Getting Started Screencast we recorded: