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SmartRefresh 2

SmartRefresh 2 is now available – we overhauled it from scratch to work with Stacks 3 exclusively (read more about this in our FAQs). It’s faster and also has a retina icon now. Stacks 3 Bundle owners are eligible for a free upgrade to version 2 and will receive a separate mail with a special download link.

The SmartRefresh Stack was designed to easily let your website refresh itself automatically after a given time amount. Simply open up RapidWeaver with a Stacks site you wish to have refreshed. Browse through your Stacks library until you come up with the SmartRefresh Stack, simply drag'n'drop it to a free place on your website, it doesn't matter if you put it whether to the top or to the bottom, the Stack itself if invisible to your site visitors and will show up a blank field. On the right hand site, you have the chance to set the time amount after which the site will refresh automatically. This can be from 1 second (minimum) to 5000 seconds (maximum).

The Stack comes really handy if you're having auctions or countdowns on your website for example.

This product page also uses the SmartRefresh 2 Stack for previewing purposes. The site automatically refreshes after 60 seconds :)