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Redirecting made easy

With the RedirectPro Stack it has never been easier to automatically redirect your site visitors to a pre-defined website after a given amount of time. The Stack is completely set up in just a few seconds.

Runs in the background

The RedirectPro Stack runs in the background and is invisible on your site. It’s therefore impossible for the user to stop the process of being redirected.


With the fact that the Stack runs in the background, it is therefore very smooth and lightweight and does not require much page load. Perfect for building SEO friendly websites.

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The Stack does only require two customisation options to set up before it’s ready to be used.

The Redirect URL is where you enter the URL you’d like to redirect your site visitors to - please make sure that it’s valid!

The Delay field allows you to set up a delay in milliseconds. If you want to perform an instant redirection, set this option to zero.