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Modal Pro

Lightweight Modals

The Modal Pro Stack allows you to easily embed some beautiful and highly customizable modals on your website. Modals are mainly designed to create some kind of important notification boxes which have to be activated by the user by clicking on a button. Other than traditional pop-ups, modals are not being blocked by modern browsers or ad-blockers.


Modal Pro ships with a ton of customization options, allowing you to create the perfect modal for your current needs. You can individually change the actual content (e.g. text), background and font colors of the header, body (content) and footer section as well as the font size of them. You may also change the font (we have included the most popular ones), the color of the close button and the description of the button which opens the modal.

Modern design

Modal Pro has been designed to fit into modern website designs, because it’s using a flat design with simple color combinations. It also covers a smooth fade-in animation, creating the popular ‚wow‘ effect.

Responsive and Retina ready

Of course this Stack is Responsive and is also made for retina ready screens such like the newest iPhones, iPads and Macs.


Please note: Modal Pro has been made for Stacks 3 only, older versions of the plugin (such like Stacks 2 or even older) are not supported. Some RapidWeaver themes are also overlaying the modals in some parts, we’ll give our best to fix this in current releases, but we cannot promise anything.

Still not convinced? Check out this Getting Started Screencast we recorded: