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2012 Was A Big Year

2012 was a big year for RapidWeaver, we discovered many useful updates for it thanks to the awesome people at Realmacsoftware based in the UK. With the growing user base, the 3rd party developer community grows as well with many different useful Stack elements for Stacks 2 and beautiful themes. 2012 was also the year that introduced responsive web design due to the mass amount of mobile devices out there. Making a responsive website from scratch can be tricky and sometimes frustrating, but with RapidWeaver it's as easy as eating pie with the fair amount of mobile themes, plugins and Stack elements to work with.

For me, 2012 was a great year as well. I founded RWtuts in May and learnt to work with the Stacks API. I already had some knowledge in developing for the Mac and also learnt to deal with Photoshop. I didn't expect too much when I released my first Stack "Space" to the public and was surprised by the massive amount of customers and the many support requests that ushered my daily inbox. Being covered and supported by that huge amount of users, I decided to code even more Stacks and released them to the RapidWeaver community. Thanks to the Realmacsoftware Add-On Store I became well known in the community, Marten Claridge from RapidWeaver Central ( also introduced me to his userbase and always mentioned me on his sites and Facebook pages whenever there was anything to announce from my side. This gave me a big "push" on top of that. In December, Gille from Stackscenter asked me to be part of his newest project (if you don't know yet, I recommend you to check it out, it's very informative) by showing off my current Stacks in his library of Stack developers.

I also received lots of feedback from my customers and other developers in the RapidWeaver community that allowed me to improve my products, customer support, the general appearance of my websites and my overall productivity. This way I was able to launch a complete redesign of RWtuts, with a new design and a new way to present my products in an attractive way.

Gregory Barchard from Javabean is hosting my website for half a year now. Javabeanhosting is really awesome in what it provides, their servers are always up and running and it was a joy for me to set it up. I always love to upload changes of my site because of its fantastic speed. Greg also has an awesome customer support: he always replied with useful answers to my tickets in just a few hours. If you're still looking for a hosting company to take care of your website you should take a look at Javabeanhosting – especially if you're a RapidWeaver user:

Another big Thank You goes to the awesome guys at Yabdab who actively work on Cartloom, the premiere e-Commerce solution for RapidWeaver. I was working with it from the beginning and still love to use it due to its simplicity combined with powerful features allowing me to build up a beautiful webstore with ease. These guys made sure to provide 100% uptime of Cartloom and also brought us a complete rework of Cartloom with an extended feature set compared to the last version. So if you're looking for a stable and custom way to sell your products on the web, make sure to take a look at it:

Last but not least, I always love to see what our customers create with our Stacks, so I was browsing through some websites and picked 3 of them that use one or more of our Stacks:

1. is using the Lock Stack to keep their photos save from piracy. Click on the pictures to view full size.

Photography by Theo Overgaauw - photography

2. is using the TubeWeaver Stack to embed YouTube videos with ease.

Google Chrome 3

3. is using the Lock Stack as well.

Drum Book - Time Manipulation

I have big plans for 2013 but I'm not able to give you detailed information about it at this time. All I can say that we're about to build even more useful and productive Stack elements in the next months that will also be added to our super bundle. We're also planning to work on themes.

Thank you for being a valuable RapidWeaver user (and maybe a RWtuts customer as well :P). You're the people that make RapidWeaver what it is today. I wish you a happy new year and good luck in 2013 with whatever you're about to do.

Happy Weaving!

Marvin from RWtuts