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Important Changes to old Stack versions

With the recent release of Stacks 3 we’ve updated some of our existing Stacks to work with the new version, however these are made exclusively for Stacks 3 and won’t work with Stacks 2. We’ve received a fair amount of support tickets about customers who’re still using Stacks 2 asking us to support backward compatibility for our updated Stacks.

Unfortunately this is technically impossible - but we’ve made the old versions of our Stacks available in our Freebies section, so you can download them for free. However, you should note that these freebies are no longer supported, we won’t be answering support tickets about them. Take and use them in their current state because they will no longer receive updates. We’re also not responsible for any damage they could cause to your RapidWeaver project or website.

Due to these changes we’ve also pulled the old versions of our store - you’ll no longer be able to purchase them.

If you should have purchased an old Stack today or one week before the post of this blog entry you’re eligible for refunds, please refer to our support team if this should be your case.

Thanks for your understanding!