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RWtuts redesigned and overhauled from scratch

When we launched RWtuts in 2011 we picked a site designed that was accurate at that time. Since design principals are always changing like technology and fashion the time has finally come to go for a new site design in 2015 – this has been one of our big secret projects we announced at the beginning of this year. We redesigned RWtuts from scratch, but we kept our basic structure so you'll easily navigate on it like you did before.

Please let me explain what has changed:

First of all we completely removed our Shop site since it was outdated and overloaded with the fair amount of products that accumulated throughout the years. As a replacement for that we now went for Cartloom Storefront – Cartloom transacts all of our sales and is responsible for sending you your download links and invoice after you placed an order. We really think that Storefront is a very clean and stress-free environment for you to take a look at our products. You can check it out by clicking on "Shop" on our redesigned site to get redirected.

Another change is that we removed product sites of Stacks and Icons that we discontinued a while ago - these were also removed from our Cartloom database.

Right now we jumped over to our next project: SSL encryption of RWtuts. We think that privacy is a very important thing and we want to save yours as much as we want ours to be save. SSL encryptions are pretty hard to set up but we'll dig through this. More about this to come soon.